Whole Person Assessment

Most consulting and test organizations want to sell business owners and HR managers a “test”. If you went to your doctor and she “tested” your temperature to determine if you needed open heart surgery, you would be skeptical, right? Instead of selling “wonder-drugs” (i.e., a “test”), we have put together the most comprehensive Whole Person Assessment in the world.

  • Research shows any single “test” or “assessment” sold today measures, at most, 30 percent of a person’s characteristics and overall make-up.
  • Unfortunately, 95 percent of all assessments that measure traits, personality, competencies, types, behaviors, etc. measure the same 30 percent – they are just marketed differently.
  • The JDL Group has completed the research for you, scoured the world of assessment and measurement, and has built the ONLY assessment process to measure (a) Values, (b) Personality, (c) Derailment, (d) Abilities, (e) Judgment and (f) Influence Style.
  • The Whole Person Assessment explains (a) What the participant wants out of life, (b) How to go about getting it and (c) What you do to screw it up. All while helping you understand how to use your (d) Intelligence and (e) Decision making skills to solve problems and (f) Influence others.