Whole Person Assessment

Hiring the right candidate for your organization is critical, especially when you consider the cost of a bad hire can be as much as 30% of the position’s annual salary. Yet even with so much riding on the success of your organization’s talent acquisition process, many leaders and hiring managers still haphazardly select candidates based on their gut reaction, leading to an increase in cost and risk. For organizations that still wing it, pre-employment assessments backed by data and science provide less risk and more predictive hiring outcomes. That said, not all talent assessments are created equal.

  • Research shows any single “test” or “talent assessment” sold today measures, at most, 30% of an individual’s characteristics and overall make-up; and
  • Unfortunately, 95% of all talent assessments that measure traits, personality, competencies, types, behaviors, etc. measure the same 30% – they are just marketed differently.

The JDL Group Difference

At The JDL Group, we have spent more than 25 years working to perfect the executive assessment and performance prediction process. Our Whole Person Assessment has been proven to reduce turnover, increase productivity, streamline your culture and maximize the long-term positive outcomes of hiring the right candidate for the position. 

By researching and using over 2000 different talent assessments, evaluating the technical manuals of 600, leaning on others’ findings and conducting our own world-class research connecting assessment results to actual job performance, we’ve identified a best in class talent assessment process that, quite frankly, is the most comprehensive in the world.

What to Expect from The JDL Group’s Whole Person Assessment

The JDL Group Whole Person Assessment is the only talent assessment to measure values, personality, derailment, abilities, judgment and influence style. Once the candidate completes our assessment process, fully customized, yet consistent, automatically scored reports are generated. Clients can opt to receive the automated report immediately upon the candidate’s completion of the talent assessment or can add up to two more layers of expert analysis and insights — (a) a licensed I-O psychologist review and/or (b) our Psychological Deep Dive, a licensed I-O psychologist interview process including feedback on the talent assessment with the candidate.

  • The Whole Person Assessment explains (a) what the participant wants out of life, (b) how to go about getting it, and (c) what will get in the way of achieving success. All while helping the participant understand how to use (d) intelligence and (e) decision making skills to solve problems and (f) influence others.   
  • The JDL Group’s talent assessment process can be used to (a) select new employees, (b) onboard new employees, (c) evaluate and develop current employees, (d) identify high potentials within your organization, (e) determine what talent gaps exist within your organization, and (f) ensure succession solutions that guarantee future success.