On March 8th, Jared D. Lock, Ph.D. conducted a webinar for just over 150 clients of Validity Screening Solutions on the topic of Talent Management.  A recorded copy of the webinar can be found at https://youtu.be/0szgUTKp4EY.

While Talent Management encompasses virtually all topics from hiring to retiring, Dr. Lock indicated that talent management success, “… is not about a software purchase.  Instead, our data show that if you take care of the basics — Defining the culture, Sourcing in ways to fit your culture, Hiring the right people, and then On-boarding them or otherwise giving them every chance to succeed — the rest takes care of itself”.

In fact, industry research shows that those organizations with a strategic talent management program in place, (a) Generate more than twice the revenue per employee, (b) Have a 40% lower employee turnover rate, and (c) Have a 38% higher level of employee engagement

Mike Fowler, Educational Services Executive for Validity Screening Solutions indicated, “this was a solid webinar” and when reviewing the participant feedback continued that, “… the well attended webinar received all positive feedback, which is a win in my book”.  One reviewer commented that the presentation was full “… of great information and gave me a lot to think about”.  

Talent Management success, according to Dr. Lock, really comes down to one thing — “being true to your culture and true to your organizational offer.  If you give people an honest choice based on direct and reliable data, they will choose to work in your company (if they fit) and want to work in ways that are conducive to your success”.

The JDL Group has access to one of only a handful of well-validated proactive measures that cover the full range of talent management needs.   For more information, please contact The JDL Group.