Succession Solutions

Who shall lead is the fundamental question of leadership, and ensuring consistent leadership, regardless of who is in the seat, is paramount to success. Most succession programs are little more than popularity contests executives play with each other as they put forth “their guys”. The JDL Group ensures Succession Solutions that guarantee future success.

  • Using Whole Person Assessments based on actual Success Profiles and Experience Maps increases succession success by over 45 percent.
  • We provide organizations a realistic map of Ready Now, Ready with Development (including exactly what development, by whom and how) and Poor Fit within 60 days. Our maps include timelines, success criteria and scorecards to evaluate progress.
  • Over 69 percent of both potential succession candidates and organizational leaders indicate The JDL Group’s Succession Solutions are accurate, fair, and objective. And while they may not like the answers, they understand and can accept them.