Road to Recovery

Reimagine. Recruit. Rebuild.

As business resumes post-pandemic and hiring surges, The JDL Group can help you think strategically about your organization’s culture, change your company’s energy and become the organization you want to be. Our fast-hit accelerated culture change program helps leaders reimagine their culture, recruit the right individuals and rebuild their organization stronger than before.

Accelerated Culture Change Program

Here’s what to expect from our ½-day, leader-led accelerated culture change program:

Phase One: Reimagine Your Culture

During Phase One, a licensed I-O psychologist from The JDL Group will perform a culture check at your organization to successfully plot your current culture against future ideas. Next, we define and accurately pinpoint your desired new state. Last, our team of experts will map out an intensive culture change initiative to get your organization back on track or on the desired new track. Often, thinking changes immediately with major transformation occurring in less than a few days. 

Phase Two: Recruit the Right People

In Phase Two, The JDL Group’s Whole Person Assessment is tailored to your organization’s culture to ensure fit through your hiring process. New candidates will be evaluated not only on their raw abilities, but also on how well they will adapt to your organization’s corporate culture, what energy they will need from superiors to get them “on track” and the fastest and most efficient way to make that happen. 

Phase Three: Rebuild Stronger Than Before

Phase Three focuses on using assessment data to (a) successfully onboard new hires and (b) engage with veteran employees to help them excel within the organization, especially when it comes to leadership development. Everybody leaves with a development plan and everyone knows how to succeed. 

Limited-Time Offer: Complimentary Consultation

The JDL Group is a leader in the culture measurement and change space having successfully delivered on culture initiatives in more than 100 organizations getting them to understand their authentic culture and plotting a deliberate future. For a complimentary, 15-minute Accelerated Culture Change Program consultation, fill out the contact form and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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