Onboarding Programs

You just hired a new employee at your business, now what? Our Onboarding Programs are NOT about completing paperwork or learning where the bathrooms are located. We prescribe a 30-60-90-day Onboarding Program, complete with action steps, mandatory meetings and agendas, a Development Plan, and a scorecard for success. In the end, your organization and the new hire will know exactly where and how to spend energy, setting the individual up for success.

  • Unfortunately, 90 percent of typical onboarding processes are rated as “disappointing” by new hires.
  • By focusing on your new hire, giving tasks to both your organization and the employee, with timeframes for completion and the placement of success measurements, The JDL Group’s Onboarding Program goes beyond simply welcoming a new employee to your business, it motivates them to succeed.
  • When asked about the success of our Onboarding Programs, 68 percent of our clients’ managers indicated employees who went through our program got up to speed faster, were considered “productive” sooner and were more efficient than employees who did not.