On August 28th, Jared Lock conducted a webinar for about 150 clients of Validity Screening Solutions on the topic of employee derailment.

Employe derailment is defined as the tendency to engage in a particular set of behaviors that can limit or undermine effectiveness — in other words, doing things that screw up your own performance.  Employees most often derail under stress or in novel situations.  While some derailing behaviors extend from nefarious circumstances, many often result from positive characteristics taken to the extreme — e.g., too much self-confidence can be perceived as arrogant or perhaps feedback resistant.

Carey Parks, Director of Compliance at Validity Screening Solutions indicated, “this was one of our best attended webinars yet.  I thought it went great and we have already had several follow-up requests as a result of this presentation.  Even though I knew what was going to be presented, Dr. Lock’s style compelled me to listen and I even learned a few things.  I thought it went very well”.

Employee derailment is a real issue that will impact virtually all employees at some point in their career.  But, adds Dr. Lock, “we all have some derailment tendencies … employees will react negatively under stress and pressure at some point in their careers.  As such, as manager or HR Professional, your role is not to be judge and jury, but instead you should understand these stress reactions and find a way to either mitigate the reaction or create ways to work through the scenario to a more predictable conclusion”.

The JDL Group has access to one of only a handful of well-validated proactive measures of derailment on the market and this is important because derailers rarely show up in the interview.   For more information, please contact The JDL Group.

A copy of the webinar can be found via: http://vimeo.com/validityscreening/review/104654758/b3072ce64c