High Volume Assessment Processes

Our clients are constantly pushing the envelope in terms of performing real-time hiring processes, and stopping for an assessment is not an alternative. At The JDL Group, we want the assessment to be integrated into the hiring process, to become part of the system and to inform and educate the next steps in the process. Our High-Volume Assessment Processes create such an environment.  

  • 24-7 online assessment platform that sends applicants to your branded website, with any combination of our Whole Person Assessments.  
  • Custom report programs that offer immediate Management Suggestions and Interview Questions designed to progress the hiring process – helping you make decisions on the fly.  
  • All hiring recommendations are compared to a live database to determine adverse impact and other potential legal issues surrounding the use of pre-employment assessments.  
  • Reports are generated automatically and are searchable through the web portal or sent directly to up to five email addresses.