High Performance Maturation

More than ever, key talent within organizations needs to be identified, addressed, developed and given every chance to succeed. With limited resources, our Whole Person Assessment process predicts who should (and should not be involved), our Onboarding Programs set the individual up on the right path, and our Guerilla Business Training Sessions intervene along the way to show others the participants’ progress and movement. Ultimately, our system frees up high performers so they can perform.

  • The top 15 percent of your employees provide over 80 percent of the value in your organization’s output.
  • 70 percent of individuals identified and placed in traditional High Performer programs are not high performers and do not meet expected future performance levels.
  • The JDL Group uses feedback – real, predictive, and objective – to provide truth and accuracy to individuals in order to help them grow.
  • We get the right people in the program 95 percent of the time and help them elevate to their potential more than 74 percent of the time.