Guerrilla Business Training Sessions

Globally, leadership training and development is a $366 billion industry with $166 billion spent annually in the U.S. alone. What we find unsettling at The JDL Group is the lack of scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of training in terms of guaranteed change, return on investment or any linkage to positive organizational outcomes. 

In fact, industry research indicates only 20% of business training is retained two weeks after any given course, and often the only evidence of success are statements such as “They seem better,” “I heard some things I can use at the office,” or “I feel different”.  When evaluating these training programs, it is easy to understand why they fail to generate results — traditional training is long, boring and neither job-focused nor relevant to the individual. 

Given we know the base rate of managerial derailment is above 50%, over 60% of organizational leaders want to be considered “agile” and most organizational leaders fail to understand their own company culture, the need for leadership training and development programs that produce real-world results absent of backsliding becomes more and more evident.

At The JDL Group, we focus on actual needs, not a full menu. We work to deliver quick, focused education with immediate opportunities to practice and efforts to control backsliding.

Our Guerrilla Business Training Sessions help participants create and implement on-the-job action plans with follow-up. Participants (a) Learn, (b) Practice, (c) Apply, (d) Participate in Feedback, (e) Adjust, and (f) Implement again. Rinse and Repeat. Here is what we know: 

  • For every hour spent in traditional business training, participants typically like 33% of what is presented and completed, are ambivalent about 33% and hate 33%.
  • The JDL Group Guerrilla Business Training Sessions focus on real problems, provide multiple levels of development (e.g., fix, elevate and/or transform) and give participants the chance to define their level of desired change.
  • 75% of behaviors learned through our Guerrilla Business Trainings are still used on the job by participants 60 days later (i.e., no backsliding).

Whether it is learning how to give appropriate feedback, better delegation, focus on leadership pillars or how to manage derailment tendencies, clients have indicated they want more focused and behaviorally-actionable business training and The JDL Group’s Guerilla Training Sessions meet this demand.