Guerrilla Business Training Sessions

Why is it only 20 percent of career training is retained two weeks after any given course? Because often it is long, boring and not job-focused nor relevant to the individual. The JDL Group focuses on actual needs, not a full menu, and works to deliver quick and focused education with immediate opportunities to practice.

Our Guerrilla Business Training Sessions help participants create and implement on-the-job action plans with follow-up. Participants (a) Learn, (b) Practice, (c) Apply, (d) Participate in Feedback, (e) Adjust, (f) Implement, and (g) Rinse and Repeat.

  • For every hour spent in traditional business training, participants typically like 33 percent of what is presented and completed, are ambivalent about 33 percent and hate 33 percent.
  • The JDL Group Guerrilla Business Training Sessions focus on real problems, provide multiple levels of development (e.g., fix, elevate and/or transform) and give participants the chance to define their level of desired change.
  • 75 percent of behaviors learned through our Guerrilla Business Trainings are still used on the job by participants two weeks later.