Experience Maps

Job descriptions and competency models are quickly becoming outdated practices. And if you’re still including “strong communication skills” in your organization’s  job descriptions, what does that even mean? The JDL Group’s Experience Map process is the first in the world to combine whole person psychological characteristics with real life outcomes to predict future success. We provide the opportunity to transcend industry and organizational boundaries by determining actual qualifications and what it takes to succeed at your business.

  • Through use of our Experience Maps, recruiter time spent vetting candidates is reduced on average by 47 percent.
  • Further, onboarding programs are able to be more directly focused on the areas of needed exposure, resulting in approximately 34 percent less time being spent onboarding new hires.
  • The Experience Map isn’t limited to new hires – the whole organization benefits from its use. Current employees use the Experience Map to understand and plan their next actions based on experiences needed to get the the next level in your organization. This transparent process results in a 15 percent increase in employee career satisfaction, regardless of them getting the job.