Reality, Insights and Development Plans Set Technical Specialists Up for Success in Leadership Roles

Moving a technical specialist into a leadership role can often be disastrous — with the organization losing their best technical person (e.g., sales person) and gaining their worst leader. The JDL Group has been helping technical employees evolve into high quality leaders for more than 15 years by (a) providing a realistic and accurate look at the person in a new role before they are in the role; (b) giving the gift of insight in terms of the change in competencies from their old job to the new; and (c) delivering time-honored development plans that help ensure a successful transition.


“I would have approached this new job totally differently had I not taken the assessment and engaged in Coaching Services with the Industrial/Organizational Psychologists at The JDL Group. I would have assumed everyone on my new team was motivated as I am, and I would have driven and pushed them in an overly aggressive manner that would have generated poor results. But with The JDL Group’s help, I have approached the role by letting others understand who I am, what I care about and how to succeed under my watch. It has made all the difference in the world to be able to be a deliberate leader using my own style to success. I cannot say enough about the quality of The JDL Group Coaching Process.”

— Steven Hudgins, Vice President of Sales at Butler Manufacturing