Strategic Approach to Offering Assessments Helps Businesses Grow Their Own Brand

When consulting firms need an assessment, they have three options. One, give a simple assessment (e.g., Disc, MBTI, Strengths-Finder) with little empirical support or predictive power, but they have “an assessment”.  Two, they can go to a big test publisher and learn their language and insert another organization into their projects. Or, three they can private label the JDL Group assessment to make it an integral part of their offering. Forty percent of The JDL Group’s business comes from consulting firms indicating The JDL Group is trustworthy, business-savvy, and able to help others’ grow their brand.


“The assessment was spot-on, the customized report outstanding, plus The JDL Group helped us identify practical ways to help the High Potential candidate to begin to break out of his usual patterns of behavior and make change, which will lead to higher performance. As your team predicted, the Suggested Questions portion of the process worked extremely well and brought about a strong conversation I was able to segue into self-insight and change. The good news is, The JDL Group’s custom-designed assessment process has energized and motivated the High Potential candidate to get to work. Thank you for all your team’s support and guidance for more than a decade. Cases like this one reinforce the impact your work has on high potential talent.”

— Helen Materazzi, Owner and Lead Consultant at Corporate Leadership Resources and Former HR Executive