A Solid Executive Selection Process Goes Well Beyond the Resume and Interview

Almost all The JDL Group clients, including Chanje Automotive, care about culture, believe their culture is “a winner” and want to make sure all incoming employees believe in and will want to aspire to the same values and direction. This is especially true of C-Suite and higher level employees — a specialty of The JDL Group and their Executive Selection services. We assess the “Whole Person” to understand how values intersect with personality, define likely derailers and how to combat them, all while ensuring understanding of how the person will solve problems and make decisions along the way.


“We were hiring a CFO and I just didn’t want to make a hire of this importance without The JDL Group’s assessment and psychological insight. The candidate in consideration was very successful according to his resume and interviewed well prior to the assessment. Understanding how he makes decisions, where he goes under stress and pressure, and how he fits culturally were all critical to our hiring decision and we needed an objective third party opinion. As always, The JDL Group’s assessment process and insights were center stage, dead on, and led us to the right decision, both from a hiring and onboarding perspective.”

— Bryan Hansel, CEO at Chanje Automotive