Whole-Person Approach Ensures High Culture Fit, Even in Unique Situations

Silverfern has a unique culture and style in the Agile IT marketplace. As such, they need more than just technically savvy IT employees — they need employees who fit their culture and care about the things their founder is passionate about. Culture fit is an extremely important part of the hiring and onboarding process.


“The JDL Group’s assessment and report provided excellent feedback. They have been able to put into words some of the unique qualities I have found in different individuals. I have a tendency to see the positive in most, and their assessment helped me accurately see which candidates would be positive evangelists who would act in my stead, speak well from a business development perspective, but also who would follow my core values (and business direction) even when I am not around. Thank you, The JDL Group, for so eloquently and accurately vetting this important piece for us.”

— Brett Gibson, Founder at Silverfern