Change Processes

Change is simply defined as doing “A” (or going in “A” direction), but wanting to do “B”. In any change scenario, The JDL Group 30-30-30 Law of change takes over. Regardless of choice, decision or reason, about 33 percent of the individuals will embrace the new direction/focus, 33 percent will be okay with some aspects, but not others, and 33 percent will hate and resist it. We help organizations (a) Predict what will happen before the change is embarked upon, (b) Define how much energy it will take to move in the new direction, and (c) Outline a success plan to get there most efficiently, which includes (d) Identifying specific individuals and interventions to guarantee success.

  • 70 percent of all change initiatives fail to meet pre-defined expectations.
  • The three biggest culprits are (a) Poor definition of from where and to where, (b) Lack of ability to predict who will embrace and resist change, and (c) Hyper-focus on process versus people.
  • Our Whole Person Assessment defines the 30-30-30 so you know where you stand BEFORE the change process is started.
  • The JDL Group creates Success Plans to (a) Align the top 30 percent, (b) Bring over the middle 30 percent to the positive, and (c) Use the movement to help the bottom 30 percent determine their next steps.
  • Change Processes through The JDL Group have proven to be 85 percent successful and take 35 percent less time than traditional change management processes.