What we do

The JDL Group brings the highest level of predictive accuracy to the people side of business, working hard and in an agile manner to solve business leaders’ most complex people problems ensuring strong, predictive organizational decisions. With decades of worldwide experience spanning six continents, our team of licensed Industrial/Organizational Psychologists specialize in agile performance improvement, culture change, executive selection/development and comprehensive assessments. We bring all facets of business psychology in our easy-to-implement solutions that generate real and long-lasting results.

The JDL Group provides services to organizations of all sizes with 55 percent of our client base comprised of large businesses, 35 percent medium, and 15 percent small. Our largest client is a 60,000-person organization that conducts business in 40 different countries and 15 different languages and our smallest client is a dentist in Olathe, Kansas with six employees.

How we do it

In the consulting world, practice size typically corresponds with greater administrative and overhead costs, which are then passed on to the client. And we have found through our years of experience, greater practice size does not mean better answers.

At The JDL Group, instead of building up human capital and opening field offices around the world, we leverage advanced technology to work smarter. Our on-staff team of licensed Industrial/Organizational Psychologists at our Kansas City headquarters is joined by more than 40 affiliate licensed psychologists around the world who are at our call when necessary. This enables our firm to have a presence in most major markets while delivering cost effective, accurate business psychology to intelligent professionals.

We are the only firm in the country to guarantee all client work is exclusively completed by licensed psychologists. Our experienced team has formal training in the disciplines of industrial/organizational psychology, statistics, business administration, and research. Further, all staff members are certified and/or licensed at the appropriate level in compliance with applicable state and regulatory agencies – an additional and important step most psychologists and most consulting firms forget about and goes virtually unregulated and unpunished.

Our firm ascribes to the published ethical standards of the organizations we belong to as they apply to the professional practice of business consulting. The JDL Group, and all individuals associated with our Firm, are proud to be members of the American Psychological Association (APA), the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Meet the team

Our organizational structure includes The JDL Group executives, functional directors, internal and external consultants, research associates and support staff. We employ a team environment and believe sharing information about projects, hypothesized outcomes, and potential roadblocks will lead to greater success and client satisfaction. In this regard, our core team is familiar with all client projects and provide best practices input for our clients’ benefit.

Meet the Founder


Founded in 2007 by Jared D. Lock, Ph.D., The JDL Group is a cumulation of Dr. Lock’s 25-year career helping global organizations, their leaders and employees maximize the human potential side of the business equation by taking the complex world of business psychology and translating it into business terms. Dr. Lock specializes in transforming businesses into agile organizations, conducting comprehensive individualized assessments, and providing executive coaching, succession planning, culture change initiatives, and performance and team management to organizations of all shapes and sizes.  The JDL Group is particularly enticing and successful with organizations who have a strong and unique culture, want to keep it that way, and are ready to commit in terms of direction and time to drive success through organization cohesion, accuracy, and deliberate actions in terms of the culture.

While a psychologist by training, he is a businessman first and ingrains himself with organizations’ missions and operating philosophies. He then applies his psychological and people understanding in business terms, helping businesses use psychology to their advantage. Dr. Lock brings Fortune 100 experience to bear on organizations of all sizes and typically works at the Executive, Board and Hi-Potential level in such organizations as adidas, Zenith Insurance, Valorem, Herschend Enterprises, Sprint, Valero, Hallmark and Via Christi.

Brought together under The JDL Group umbrella more than 10 years ago, these are just a few of Dr. Lock’s career highlights:

  • Successfully creating The JDL Group where clients get the most accurate information in business-friendly terms. Highlights include building the succession planning model for adidas world-wide, creating leadership development programs for five of the Fortune 100 and implementing selection systems averaging over 50,000 assessments used per year.  
  • Running Hogan Assessment Systems where he was brought in as the fifth employee when the company was $1 million in sales and growing them to 40 employees, $20 million in sales, and coverage in 24 languages and 33 countries in less than eight years.
  • Developing a change management model used by 30 companies in seven different industries.
  • Coaching over 150 C-Suite executives to successful outcomes.
  • Coaching organizational leadership teams to their authentic selves.
  • Completing a long-term engagement as Consulting Chief Human Resources Officer in a start-up electric vehicle company, building and styling a learner and feedback-rich environment in Silicon Valley for the dynamic and ever-changing company environment. 

Dr. Lock holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Kansas, an M.A. and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Tulsa and is a Licensed Industrial/Organizational Psychologist.  

He is a frequent speaker, writer and professional trainer with over 60 book chapters, publications and presentations in professionally refereed organizations. He is an active member of APA, SIOP, and SHRM (national and local).