Blue-ConversationsThe JDL Group was founded on 4 principles:

  1. We are licensed psychologists, we believe in psychology, and we believe that you should have a business psychology degree to practice business psychology.
  2. We believe in measurement, we use assessments in our processes, and we use assessment results to predict the future with a high degree of accuracy linking our outcomes to bottom-line results.
  3. We do not ascribe to using one “test” or believe there is a magic test out there that measures all facets of a person.  Instead, we have searched the field, found the best 20 or so assessments in the marketplace, and combine those in ways that make sense for the client.  This Whole Person TM assessment process or Full-Body MRI TM approach to assessment provides us the freedom to be more comprehensive and more accurate in our work.
  4. We believe in presenting our results in our client’s language to help them use data to make people decisions without having to learn a new language or learn psychology.  We put the psychology in the background, and bring the business focus to bear on business decisions.