SpheresSelection Success:  Principals of the JDL Group have been used by Valero for hiring/selection support for over 10 years.  Pairing assessments with business requirements, The JDL Group has been able to accurately and reliably predict success at a 90% or better rate.  The JDL Group also created a customized Situational Judgment Inventory for use in Operator selection, training, and development work.

After working for both of these individuals {who were assessed using The JDL Group processes}, I am amazed (though I shouldn’t be) in just how dead on your assessment was. You truly are gifted.

Employment & Organizational Development Executive
Valero Services, Inc.


Culture On-Boarding:  Silverfern has a unique culture and a unique style in the Agile IT marketplace.  As such, they need more than just technically savvy IT employees … they need people who fit their culture and care about the things that Brett Gibson, founder of SilverFern is passionate about.  Culture fit is an extremely important part of the hiring and on-boarding process.

Your assessment and report provided excellent feedback and you’ve been able to put into words some of the unique qualities I found in this person.  I have a tendency to see the positive in most and your assessment helped me accurately see that he would be a positive evangelist who can act in my stead, speak well from a business development perspective, but also will follow my core values (and business direction) even when I am not around.  Thanks for so eloquently and accurately vetting this important piece for us.

Brett Gibson


Change Management:  The Senior Living Division of Kansas’ largest healthcare organization was being integrated into a large national healthcare organization.  While the national organization had many ideas concerning how to run a senior living group, the local division was actually more advanced and had many better practices.  The problem?  How to integrate into the larger organization while still keeping best practices without looking as if the group is resisting the integration?  The JDL Group’s change management department stepped in and facilitated the transition.  As told by the Chief Human Resources Officer:

I wanted to take a quick minute and let you know how valuable the work The JDL Group team did with our senior living team was.  They have now transitioned to the new company and are flourishing.  In a short time, from you answering my frantic call for assistance, the team has come a very long way.  I thank you for all your group did to help them transition in a positive way.  A lot has transpired, but I just wanted you to know how impactful The JDL work with us has been.

Chief Human Resource Officer