The JDL Group, LLC brings the highest level of predictive accuracy to the people side of business … In business terms … For intelligent business leaders … Who want to make strong and predictive organizational decisions.


Quite simply, we are psychologists that realize psychology has a place in business but will be more widely used when the work is translated into business terminology.

Organizations come to our firm to improve their:

  • Selection processes
  • Coaching and Leadership Development programs
  • Succession Planning decisions
  • On-boarding success
  • Training and Education initiatives
  • Organizational Design and Change projects
  • Performance Change initiatives

We provide accurate statistical and predictive information to help organizations understand:

  • The likely success of their decisions
  • The energy needed to turn situations into successes
  • The best path to move forward given the business scenario in hand

The JDL Group, LLC – Finally, a firm that brings accurate psychology to the business world in a useful format.